We and every reader of Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly are supremely grateful for the work and sheer endurance of Alexander Gourlay as our review editor since 2006. Sandy, without complaint, did the hard and usually thankless work, almost all of it behind the scenes, of deciding what needs reviewing for our highly specialized audience; acquiring the books (usually if not always books) from publishers, a harder and harder job these days; finding the right reviewers; and working with the editors and managing editor to get the reviews into shape for publication. Thanks so much for your wisdom, perseverance, and devotion, Sandy.

We welcome as our new book review editor Sibylle Erle, FRSA, FHEA, visiting scholar at the University of Lincoln and a researcher at the University of Lisbon. She is the author of Blake, Lavater and Physiognomy (2010) and she co-edited with Morton Paley the two-volume Reception of William Blake in Europe (2019). She also co-edited “Science, Technology and the Senses” (2008), Panoramas, 1787–​1900: Texts and Contexts (2012), and “Monsters: Interdisciplinary Explorations in Monstrosity” (2019–​20), and edited “Blake in Europe” (2022). Sibylle is chair of the Blake Society, and edits VALA: The Journal of
the Blake Society
. She is the editorial director of Global Blake.
Apart from Blake and reception, her current research is on monsters
and death in
written for
young readers.
Morris Eaves and Morton D. Paley, editors Adapted from All Religions are One copy A (c. 1788, printed c. 1795), plate 6. Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. 57445.