Sarah Jones

Managing Editor

Sarah JonesI grew up in Southland, New Zealand (some of which is behind me in the photo), and studied classics for a while, which brought me to California. After moving to Rochester, I got a part-time job in the English Dept.; when Patty Neill, my predecessor, left about a year later, I took over the administrative tasks for Blake whilst she continued the desktop publishing part. Eventually I took on the journal layout as well.

I enjoy the wide-ranging nature of my responsibilities, which encompass the functions of a university press but on a smaller scale: submissions, copyediting, layout, proofreading, circulation, accounts, web-site maintenance, etc. It’s like running a small business, albeit one within the confines of a large university. I regularly encounter new challenges, such as shepherding the journal’s transition from print based to online, researching VAT laws for online delivery of electronic content, or, on an ongoing basis, acquiring sufficient Blake knowledge (or knowing where to find it).