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Vol. 53 no. 3: Winter 2019–20

Sibylle Erle and Morton D. Paley, eds., The Reception of William Blake in Europe

  • Silvia Riccardi
23 January 2020
23 Jan. 2020


Sibylle Erle and Morton D. Paley took up the ambitious task of editing the first comprehensive and systematic reference guide to Blake’s European afterlife, in collaboration with international scholars. The study resulted in a monumental collection of twenty-six chapters arranged in two volumes. Covering an extraordinary diversity of disciplines, Reception comprises essays on Blake editions, music, exhibitions, and the reception histories in Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Romania, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and the USSR, Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. The work also contains an introduction, a thoroughly compiled timeline of Blake’s reception in continental Europe, and a detailed bibliography in each volume, divided by chapter, including the major translations in the countries covered.