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Vol. 56 no. 1: Summer 2022

Blake and Music, 2021

  • Camila Oliveira
  • Jason Whittaker
14 June 2022
27 Jul. 2022


Last year’s introduction observed that the global pandemic had seen the flourishing of streaming settings of Blake’s works, particularly for individual artists who clearly turned to music as a creative release from the stresses caused by COVID. Indeed, the list for 2020 recorded more new releases than that for 2019, but, by concentrating on the services provided by Amazon, Apple, and Spotify, it did not account for a wealth of independent productions that were released on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. As such, half of this year’s list consists of tracks and albums from 2020, thanks to the research of Camila Oliveira. In future, we shall include more independent artists, many of whom embody Blake’s creative ethos more thoroughly than established musicians and songwriters.