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Privacy Statement

Blake uses Open Journal Systems (OJS), an open access journal management system developed by the Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University, to publish content and register users. We pay PKP Publishing Services to host the journal with a commercial-level internet service provider based in Canada. We do not use OJS for our submission and peer-review processes, which we conduct separately, via e-mail.

We do not sell or give your registration information to anyone. You create a username, which we can see, and a password. The password is encrypted in the application database. You can change your account information (other than your username) by logging in and editing your profile.

We also use your e-mail address to send a reminder when your subscription is about to expire, with the marketing system MailChimp to send a notification when a new issue appears online, and with the print-on-demand vendor MagCloud to inform you when the hard-copy version of an issue is available.

OJS uses cookies to manage session history—they are required to maintain a log-in session. Cookies are stored on your computer; for information on managing them, see http://​www.​whatarecookies.​com.

Subscriptions purchased through OJS use PayPal for processing credit card payments. We do not have access to any of your financial information, since the transaction is conducted on the PayPal site. If you wish to subscribe but would prefer not to use the OJS process, you may send a cheque or money order (in US dollars, drawn on a US bank) to the managing editor. We recognize that the cheque/​money order alternative is much simpler and cheaper for a subscriber with a US bank account; if you live outside the US, please contact the managing editor to discuss the options.

We track with Google Analytics general information about visitors to the journal’s web site, such as type of browser and country. This does not give us any kind of identifying information, such as IP address.

Please contact the managing editor, Sarah Jones (, with any questions, concerns, or requests.