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As of vol. 46, no. 1 (summer 2012), we are an online journal; we also produce a print-on-demand version of each issue.
Online content is available in both PDF and HTML. Apart from the issue content, all other parts of this web site are open access. You will retain online access to all issues for which you have subscribed, even if you cancel your subscription at a later date. Online content will remain by subscription for five years, after which it will be freely available in the William Blake Archive.

A Note on VAT
We do not have to charge US sales tax, Canadian GST, or sales tax for any other country outside the European Union (EU).
We are obliged to collect VAT on electronically-supplied services (e-services) to individual subscribers in the EU. Subscription rates in the pricing list are VAT inclusive. The VAT percentages and country abbreviations used in the list are:
17%: Luxembourg (LU)
18%: Malta (MT)
19%: Cyprus (CY), Germany (DE), Romania (RO)
20%: Austria (AT), Bulgaria (BG), Estonia (EE), France (FR), Slovakia (SK), United Kingdom (GB)
21%: Belgium (BE), Czech Republic (CZ), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Netherlands (NL), Spain (ES)
22%: Italy (IT), Slovenia (SI)
23%: Ireland (IE), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT)
24%: Finland (FI), Greece (EL)
25%: Croatia (HR), Denmark (DK), Sweden (SE)
27%: Hungary (HU)



  • An individual subscription can be purchased online with a credit card via the purchase link at the bottom of this page. You will first be directed to a registration page to create a user name and password so that you can log in to access subscription content on subsequent visits to the site. The credit-card transaction is via PayPal; you do not need to possess or establish a PayPal account.

  • If you prefer to pay by cheque or money order (in US dollars), please mail to:

    Department of English
    University of Rochester
    Rochester, NY 14627-0451

    Please be sure to include your e-mail address so that the managing editor can register you for online access and notify you of your log-in details.

    If you are mailing a check from the EU, please include the appropriate amount of VAT.

  • The institutional rate is $66.00 for online only (regardless of location), $85.00 for print only (for mailing addresses in the US, Canada, and UK; please inquire about rates for other countries), and $105.00 for print and online (for mailing addresses in the US, Canada, and UK; please inquire about rates for other countries). We currently accept payment for institutional orders only by cheque. Subscription agency orders receive a 5% discount. Please note that institutional subscribers do not have to sign a license agreement.


Please contact Sarah Jones ( if you require an invoice or receipt, or if you need further information.


Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Online (individual: all countries except EU)
Online 1 year 33.00 (USD)
Online (student: all countries except EU)
Online 1 year 25.00 (USD)
Online (EU individual: LU)
Online 1 year 38.61 (USD)
Online (EU individual: MT)
Online 1 year 38.94 (USD)
Online (EU individual: CY, DE, RO)
Online 1 year 39.27 (USD)
Online (EU individual: GB, AT, BG, EE, FR, SK)
Online 1 year 39.60 (USD)
Online (EU individual: BE, CZ, ES, LT, LV, NL)
Online 1 year 39.93 (USD)
Online (EU individual: IT, SI)
Online 1 year 40.26 (USD)
Online (EU individual: IE, PL, PT)
Online 1 year 40.59 (USD)
Online (EU individual: EL, FI)
Online 1 year 40.92 (USD)
Online (EU individual: DK, HR, SE)
Online 1 year 41.25 (USD)
Online (EU individual: HU)
Online 1 year 41.91 (USD)
Online (EU student: LU)
Online 1 year 29.25 (USD)
Online (EU student: MT)
Online 1 year 29.50 (USD)
Online (EU student: CY, DE, RO)
Online 1 year 29.75 (USD)
Online (EU student: GB, AT, BG, EE, FR, SK)
Online 1 year 30.00 (USD)
Online (EU student: BE, CZ, ES, LT, LV, NL)
Online 1 year 30.25 (USD)
Online (EU student: IT, SI)
Online 1 year 30.50 (USD)
Online (EU student: IE, PL, PT)
Online 1 year 30.75 (USD)
Online (EU student: EL, FI)
Online 1 year 31.00 (USD)
Online (EU student: DK, HR, SE)
Online 1 year 31.25 (USD)
Online (EU student: HU)
Online 1 year 31.75 (USD)

*Institutional subscriptions can be purchased by contacting the managing editor.

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