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Vol. 46 no. 1: Summer 2012

William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 2011

  • G. E. Bentley, Jr.
2 July 2012
03 Jul. 2012


For me, one of the most important discoveries of 2011 was Google Scholar, which allows searches in scholarly periodicals and books. Under “Blake” for 2009–11 there were 48,400 entries in early November 2011, which effectively frightened me off. But I did plough through 5,950 entries under “William Blake” for 2009–11, or rather I tried to do so, but (somewhat to my relief) I was only allowed to see the first thousand. The information is often not comprehensive, omitting pagination and sometimes even author (in which case I have had to ignore it). Entries in other scripts such as Arabic and Chinese and Greek and Hebrew and Japanese and Korean may be incompletely metamorphosed into English or any other European language or script, and the titles may be translated, but they are never transliterated. But Google Scholar does provide wonderfully broad coverage, and a very substantial number of entries here derive from it.