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Vol. 57 no. 4: Spring 2024

Blake in the Marketplace, 2023

21 April 2024
25 Apr. 2024


Readers will note the change of author for this iteration of the annual sales review. For just over half a century, Robert N. Essick provided this journal with an invaluable survey of Blake’s works, and those of his circle, as they appeared at the auction block and in the catalogues and print drawers of rare-book and art dealers. Drawing on both his scholarly appreciation of Blake and his instincts, honed by a lifetime of collecting, Essick marshaled a wealth of information from an inestimable number of diverse sources, recording and painstakingly cross-referencing Blake’s creative and professional productions as they were advertised, auctioned, bought, sold, or exchanged in any given year. In the following review, I have attempted to preserve his format and structure.