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Vol. 49 no. 4: Spring 2016

Blake in the Marketplace, 2015

  • Robert N. Essick
24 March 2016
24 Mar. 2016


The first three months of 2015 brought forth two important works by Blake, a tempera painting and a manuscript, but neither was fresh to the market. The year began more spectacularly for scholars and collectors of Blake’s circle and followers. By the end of January, Sotheby’s and Christie’s had offered at auction fourteen drawings and a painting by Fuseli, including eleven previously unrecorded works, two drawings by Romney, and a Palmer oil painting. Lowell Libson’s January catalogue featured five works by Flaxman, Romney, and Palmer. Even eBay made a modest contribution with an annotated proof of one of Palmer’s illustrations for Charles Dickens’s Pictures from Italy. Details are presented in the lists below.