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Vol. 54 no. 1: Summer 2020

Blake and Music, 2019

  • Jason Whittaker
20 July 2020
20 Jul. 2020


2019 was something of an annus mirabilis in terms of settings of Blake to music, in the form of either direct adaptations of his poems or original songs based on his life and work. While the previous listing recorded nine releases from 2018, the list of new works includes twenty-three from 2019 (with an additional four from 2018 and one from 2017). One significant reason for the proliferation of Blake recordings (as with other forms of music) is that in the past two years it has become increasingly easy for independent or solo artists to release their music via streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Indeed, for the majority of entries this year the format indicated is streaming, meaning that they are not available in physical formats such as vinyl or CD.